Every one of us has expertise and opinions – deeper on certain subjects, more shallow on others, but all built on a diverse set of unique life experiences and learned knowledge.

Many of these perspectives are shared on campus – animated conversations in Puck’s lobby, dynamic presentations inside our classrooms, or casual words exchanged in Greenwich Village coffee shops – smaller settings that aren’t conducive to the broader sharing of ideas or the refinement of those perspectives in response to the collective insights of our peers.

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We want to change that. Historically, the Wagner Review has served as your academic journal of record, showcasing the best long-form research pieces, literature reviews and policy briefs. While we aim to sustain and build upon this tradition, beginning last year, we began an expansion we now seek to finish: becoming Wagner’s online public square. Achieving this vision means building an active web presence where insightful perspectives are articulated, shared, and part of an active comment culture.

To get there, we’re going to produce more content of greater diversity and set a high bar for quality. Most importantly, for the first time ever, we’ll be accepting Wagner community submissions for op-eds, book reviews, and long-form policy articles. Content guidelines and writer resources will provide support and editorial guidance to those who wish to develop their writing talents, and a more active social media presence will push published content to more readers.

We’re so committed to these goals that we’ll be tracking indicators of our online following, readership, contributors, and Wagner community engagement. At the end of the academic year, we’ll issue a report on how we’ve done – because the Wagner Review shouldn’t be about the staff who runs it – it should be about the community it enables.

We need more voices. We’re setting big goals. We need your help.

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