September brings about many changes. From the end of summer and a new school year, to crowded streets and a little more hustle and bustle, no one is immune. This includes student publications. With new year and new leadership comes change. This is particularly true for the Wagner Review.


Many of you will first notice the redesigned website. Gone is the minimalist front page that put content in the background. Here now is a greater focus on the written word–our greatest contribution.

Along with the redesigned delivery system is a focus on more content. The student written op-eds that you have come to love will remain. With them you will see long-form pieces, news analysis, student profiles, and forums for student debate. Additionally, more features will be rolled out in the next few months.

We hope that you enjoy the new website and continue to read and submit content. Of course, we encourage any questions, comments, and suggestions.


The Board Members of the Wagner Review.