The Wagner Review Podcast Series Episode 02 – Mutual Aid Structures and Public & Private Partnerships

By Kyle Roland

The Wagner Review podcast series include’s NYU policy and law students that will analyze policy issues and solutions emerging in real-time around the country.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, food security continues to be a growing concern for residents. With the state seeing millions file for unemployment, mutual aid projects have stepped up to ensure communities in need receive adequate food to feed their families.

David Aronov comes on The Wagner Review Podcast Series to discuss mutual aid projects he is involved in, and how he formed specific aid groups to target high-risk communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


0:00- Welcome and introduction from host Kyle Roland.

1:45- David Aronov walks us through mutual aid efforts in his community.

Guest Speaker

David Aronov is a first-generation American who served as the president of the Wagner Student Association from 2019-2020 and is a class of 2020 graduate of NYU Wagner with an MPA degree. He co-founded a nonprofit organization called the Bukharian Jewish Union (BJU), which serves as the central hub for the social, cultural, and professional growth of Bukharian Jews in their 20’s and 30’s. David currently works for NYC Census 2020 as Queens Lead Organizer, focused on ensuring the people of Queens receive their fair share of billions of dollars in federal funding from the 2020 Census for hospitals, transit authorities, schools, and libraries.


Kyle Roland is a second-year MPA student at NYU Wagner specializing in social impact, innovation, and investment. He has a professional background in start-up growth, operations, and product design, as well as migration related humanitarian aid. He enjoys travel, guitar, cooking, and positivity. He also serves as a managing editor for The Wagner Review and Co-Director of Events for Social Innovation and Investment Alliance.

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