NYU Wagner Review welcomes online article submissions from New York University graduate students focusing on public policy issues.

In selecting pieces for publication, NYU Wagner Review will consider the following for publication:

-Op-eds (650-800 words)
-Book Reviews (650-1,000 words)
-Interviews with Prominent Public Service Leaders (650-1,000 words)
-Creative content such as interactive information dashboards or infographics

Important Note: All work must be original and may not be submitted to another publication. Please inform us if your work has been submitted to multiple outlets.

Articles should not include footnotes or a bibliography, but should include in-text hyperlinks to any web-based sources informing your article. Submissions will be considered for online publication on a rolling basis. The process for selecting and editing pieces for online publication is described below.

A note on op-eds:

Opinion articles are the most common form of online content. A successful opinion article will:

  1. Take a clear stance on an issue that is of current policy or political significance,
  2. Analyze a problem which is in some way empirical, measurable, or logically approachable,
  3. Take a novel or original angle on the issue, and
  4. Write in a voice that is active, clear, and jargon-free.

For further reference, prospective authors are encouraged to review The New York Times™ Opinionator, the Wagner Review’s op-ed page, and the guidelines at www.theopedproject.org.

When You Submit

Articles should be submitted in .doc or .docx format to wagner.review@gmail.com. The subject line of the email should clearly state that you are submitting an opinion piece for consideration. A brief (2-3 sentences) description of the piece should be included in your email. Please highlight any issues around timeliness of the piece in your email (for example: you are advocating for a specific policy under consideration at next week’s city council meeting). Lastly, please indicate the policy area with which your article most clearly aligns: U.S. Social Policy, Foreign Policy, International Development, Domestic Health Policy & Management, Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, Social Entrepreneurship, Food Policy, or Environmental Policy.

After You Submit

Submitted pieces will be considered in the order in which they are received. Writers selected for publication will be notified within a week of submission and paired with a member of our editorial staff who will aid the writer in polishing their piece.