Wagner Review Presents: Diverse Voices Conference

Wagner Review invites current students to submit policy proposals that propose ways in which we can work towards a more equitable society. We are interested in proposals that span across different topics, and promote new ideas on social, racial, environmental, and economic justice.

Inspired by our partnerships with many of Wagner’s important student groups, we welcome a breadth of topics spanning anything from: urban planning, health, education, international affairs, environmental studies, transportation, etc. We are seeking up to six current students to present their policy proposals at our conference at Puck on Friday, April 29th.

More details:

When and where is the conference: The conference will take place on Friday, April 29th from 11am – 2pm. As of now, the conference will be held in-person at Puck.

What are we seeking: We are seeking proposals on topics that promote social, racial, and economic justice.

Do you have a page-limit?: While we do not have a page limit for our entries, please be concise.  

Can I have a co-author? Yes.

How long will the presentations be?: Students will be able to present for up to 20 minutes with a 10 minute question and answer period.  

Do you accept op-eds?: While Wagner Review does accept op-eds that have a policy focus, we are seeking policy proposals for our conference at this time. 

The submission link is here.

We are accepting pieces on a rolling basis. Writers will be notified if they are accepted to the conference by Friday, April 15th. Writers will be given suggestions on how to format their presentations. 

Questions? Email Emily at ef1771@nyu.edu.