Dear fellow Wagnerds,

I am excited to write to you as the Editor in Chief of The Wagner Review, Wagner’s official, student-run academic journal. At the review, we publish op-eds, policy memos, original research and more, all written by current and former Wagner students — including you, I hope — on a diverse range of public service-related topics. 

My goal — along with fellow eBoard members Liz Hensler and Ryan Newberry — is to make The Wagner Review the nexus of student opinion, reflection and solution- and future-oriented thinking. Wagner students and alumni represent some of the best, brightest and most dedicated public service minds around, and The Review is a perfect forum for all of us to share our experiences, insights, findings and innovations, and provide thought leadership in the various public service fields that we represent. 

Through research and writing, attending our events, and participating in the dialogue we foster, we are excited for you to share your ideas and help expand the depth and breadth of the conversations that we have at Wagner. 

Getting involved is easy: 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

All my best,

Eric Cova
Editor in Chief, The Wagner Review